R&D capability
Development for flat & single/double curvature laminated& tempered glass basing on 3D data or 2D drawing and samples provided by customer.
Tooling design and development for various moulds and checking fixtures supported by CNC working stations.
CMM & Reverse Engineering : Scanning to Finished Product and making 3D models.
Ceramic print design and production of printing frames.
Order oriented production of packaging.

CAD Station of Catia CMM inspection arm of Faro Checking fixture
5-axis CNC Machining Center Wooden Crate Packaging Carton Box Packaging

Production capability
1.5milllion pieces per year for laminated glass, 5million pieces for tempered glass per year.

Tempering production line
Glass Cutting Machine  - Olbrich (German) 4 sets
Printing Machine   - Cugher (Italy) 4 sets
Tempering Machine (single curved) - Tamglass ( Finland) 3 sets, LD furnace (China) 1 set
Tempered Machine (double curved) - Glasstech (USA) 1 set and Tamglass (Finland) 1 set

Lamination production line
Glass Cutting Machine  - Olbrich (German) 5 sets
Printing Machine   - Cugher (Italy) 4 sets
Bending furnace  - Tamglass ( Finland) 2 sets, Lamino (Finland ) 3 sets
Lamination line  - Lamino (Finland ) 3 setLamino (Finland ) 3 sets
Autoclave  - Lamino (Finland ) 2 set

Benson has fully equipped with testing instruments according to the requirement of GB9656, ECER43, ANSI Z26.1, JISR3211

Float Glass Wave Angle Test Headform impact test Resistance-to-Radiation Test

Special technica
Big hole and cutout produced by water jet cutting machine.

Big hole and cutout Water jet cutting  
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