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Laminated Windshield

Laminatedwindshield is a kind of compound glass formed when tough polyvinyl butyral(PVB) interlayer is inserted between pieces of glasses and then processed underhigh temperature and pressure. It has high mechanical strength and istransparent, resistant to light, heat and coldness. At present, the companymanufactures more than 30,000 types of such windshield, covering nearly allauto types already launched into the market. The windshield of the largestspecification is 2700mm×2300mm laminated windshield for coach. 

Product performance characteristics

Since the PVB films adhere tenaciously to the out-layer glasses, it can resistthe penetration during accidental crash as the car is travelling at a highspeed. When the glass gets broken by impact force, the broken pieces will be stuckby the tough PVB film, which can prevent the broken pieces from flying andfalling. The whole glass will be kept perfectly. Therefore, personal injurycaused by flying of falling broken pieces can be avoided while the cars cankeep running. In this case, traffic accidents can be avoided and personalsafety is effectively ensured.

●Sound Insulation
The PVB film in laminated windshield can damp sound waves, avoid effects onpersons in automobiles exerted by noise transmission when the car is running ata high speed, as well as noticeably improve the environment in the cars. It canproduce better sound insulation effects than common glass.