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Tempered Rear Window
Tempered rear window is to heat the glass until itstemperature close to the softening point and then quickly cooled to generatepre-stress layer on glass surface and tensile stress inside it, so as toimprove the strength of glass. Via the silver paste grid printed on glass, itcould realize the heating function after tempering. Such glass is widely usedfor automobiles rear window.

Product performance characteristics

After tempered rear window gets broken after collision, the whole glass will betorn into honeycomb shaped obtuse particles which do no harm to human body.Thus, the personal safety of the drivers and passengers can be wellprotected.
◆High Mechanical Strength
The impact resistance of such glass is 3 to 10 times as large as that of commonglass.


When theheating wire is electrified, the temperature on glass surface can rapidlyincrease to 40℃to 75℃. In coldwinter, frost and/or fog on glass surface can be easily removed.